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Got Smoke?
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While nothing is perfect or instant, you can...

Reduce the clouds of smoke.
Minimize smoke odors.
Reduce family arguments.
Slow down the yellowing of walls.

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Dear Friend:

If you are a smoker or live with one, this extremely important. So, shut the door, turn off the TV and eliminate any distractions. This is important! Smoke affects you, your health, your home and your relationships with your family.

First a disclaimer:

The use of my Home Smoke Eater, nor any other air cleaner to remove tobacco smoke from your home or business will NOT eliminate the risks of smoking or living with a smoker. While you can expect a big improvement in the quality of the air in your home and a reduction of the smoke and odors, nothing is instant or perfect. Nothing will completely eliminate the risks of smoking or living with a smoker. The best way to minimze your health risks are to not smoke at all or have the smoker go outside.

Having stated the obvious...


"Hi Dan,

We used the air purifier all winter and found it to perform exactly as you said it would. With 5 smokers in the house, it had its work cut out for it.

It's important to make sure the air filter is changed on a regular basis. Three filters get us through the winter months. We don't use it in the summer because the windows are opened most of the time.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with this product (CT500).

David Redente"

(Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your results may vary)

More proof it works...

order now

Or Call Toll Free

Who is this for?

It doesn't matter if you are the smoker or the non-smoker, you are BOTH suffering.

This letter and home smoke eater is for both of you.

The way I see it, there are really only TWO reasons to even consider investing your hard earned money in a home smoke eater.

odors1. Minimize the Smoke and Odors.

Obviously you want to eliminate the actual smoke. You're worried about the health effects to you and your family. Plus, the odors are annoying and embarrassing to say the least. It's time to fix it.


2. Minimize Family Arguments.

fightsThe tension in some smoking homes is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Wouldn't it be great to stop the yelling and fighting? It's no fun for either of you.

Truth is, there's not much worse than the fighting between a smoker and a non-smoker to ruin your fun and maybe even wreck your marriage.

I've had dozens of people call me saying they need to solve the smoke problem or their marriage may end.

It happens more than you realize. You are not alone.

Just listen to Tony Hanback tell his story. You can tell by the tone of his voice that he's relieved not to have his wife complain as much. I'm sure his wife is happier too.

 Press play to hear Tony.

 Press play to hear Jeff from the Alaska Wolfhouse using it for Cigars.

 And listen to Bernadette rave about our smaller CT100 (no longer available).

Click for more customer feedback...

Interested? Check out Home Smoke Eater Prices Here.

Problem Solved:

The great news is that with our CT500 Home Smoke Eater, you end up with cleaner, healthier air AND you can potentially eliminate or greatly diminish the fights, arguments, name calling and more. I've lived with smokers and I know
it can get ugly quick. Really ugly. me and CT500

Have you been "burned" or wasted your money before?

I don't doubt it. I bet you've tried all sorts of things from burning candles, spraying fragrances and even running air purifiers you bought on TV or at the local department store. There's no need to tell me how THAT worked out.

I already know the results were awful.

I'm confident that the air purifiers you bought to handle the smoke barely made a dent in the haze in the air. The odors hung around like an unwanted in-law. Or maybe the air purifiers were as loud as a party of 5 year olds. In the end - you felt like you wasted your money. Actually, you DID waste your money. It sucks, but I'm not surprised.

Here's the ugly truth.

tabletopslashbreezeIf there were a $300 air purifier that actually worked on smoke, I'd sell a boatload of them and I'd be rich. Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

No $300 purifier has the capability to really solve the problem. Don't get me wrong. They DO provide SOME improvement... just not enough to make a difference.


Here's the problem...

Smoke is a really nasty aggressive pollutant.

  • Smoke is comprised of more than just the stuff you can see.

  • Smoking a cigarette or cigar throws millions of microscopic particles into the air.

  • Smoking tobacco also releases thousands of gases and fumes as well.

  • Smoke particles clog your lungs and rob you of your health.

  • Asthma, allergies and heart disease are all made worse by the smoke infecting your entire home.

  • The smoke particles, tar and nicotine stick to the walls and turn everything yellow.

  • A brownish film covers the windows, the TV and pretty much everything.

  • Bottom line: You need something that can handle the particles, gases and odors. If the machine you buy can't handle it ALL, you really aren't solving the entire problem.

That's just the harsh reality.

Most air purifiers just don't cut it. The smoke and odors get everywhere. You're embarrassed when family or neighbors come by since your home reeks like a dirty ashtray.

And it doesn't matter how much you clean. Nothing seems to make a difference. Sprays don't work. They just leave your home smelling like a combination of smoke AND fake flowers. Yuck.

Worse yet, even though you're not the one smoking, you smell like a smoker. Driving to work or the store - the stench fills the car since the smell of smoke is all over your clothes and even in your hair.

People at work actually think you smoke. It's awful and embarrassing to say the least.

And that's not the worst that I've heard...

I've spoken to teachers who say their elementary school kids smell like smoke because their parents smoke. If their clothes smell, just imagine the impact to these kids' lungs. Yikes

There's Hope!

me and CT500 smallcertificationAs a certified indoor air quality specialist who focuses on smoke removal and has since 2004, I've tested and evaluated every product I can find for home smoke removal. And unfortunately - not much works great.

And out of the few products that do work, most require costly filters and are so loud, ugly and difficult to maintain, that they really aren't well suited for home use.

I evaluated all of the products I could find, talked to countless manufacturers and solicited customer feedback. After all was said and done, the items listed below are what I found to be the most important considerations.

As you shop for a home smoke eater and a solution to your smoke problem, use the buyer's checklist below.

Buying Checklist:

  1. checklistPerformance - Any product you are considering MUST be capable of technically handling the pollution spectrum of tobacco smoke. (It must be able to capture both smoke particles as well as minimize the gases, fumes and odors released from burning tobacco.)

  2. Power - It must have a high rate of airflow. Power = Speed. Speed means that less smoke can drift to other parts of the home. Speed also means fewer complaints from family.

  3. Quiet Operation - While this may not seem to be a big deal, it really is a very important criteria as you shop for a solution. You simply won't use something that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. If you don't think this matters, (Watch our shocking Noise Level Video)

    Just imagine trying to watch TV with THAT noise in your den or living room.

  4. Ease of Maintenance - An air cleaner shouldn't require an engineering degree to change the filters. Believe me, some are easier than others. Some are downright difficult.

  5. Dependable with low filter costs. - Even if a purifier actually does what it should, you probably don't want to buy something only to find out later that you'll be spending $400 or more per year on filters. Ouch! Depending on your smoke levels, our machine will cost between $0.33 cents to $0.66 cents a day in filters. Approximately $219 a year for an average pack a day smoker.

  6. Attractive Design. - If something is going to sit in your living room, it shouldn't look like an industrial shop vacuum or some plastic tower that looks like it belongs in a hospital Emergency room. Our machine looks like a finely crafted piece of furniture.

ct500In my Research:

Only one product I found had every one of the criteria listed above. The Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 which I personally dubbed...

The CT500 Home Smoke Eater

Once I found this machine, I immediately began testing it out in the real world. I began selling it to my smoking customers while offering an industry best 90 day return policy.

Why the return policy?

The CT500 was new to me and unproven with my customers so I took all the risk:

I didn't want my customers losing their hard earned money if the CT500 didn't work as I had hoped. Time after time - I had happy customers. My return rate dropped through the floor. Barely anyone wanted a refund.

The CT500 Home Smoke Eater was all I had hoped it would be.

Another Disclaimer...

I do get some returns and acknowledge that not everyone can be made happy. Usually the folks that return the machine expect miracles. They expect that for the first time ever that they can smoke a cigar in their home or basement and just because they have our home smoke eater nobody will every get a whiff of their cigar.

Unfortunately, that's not reality. Homes are not airtight and smoking in a home has a big risk of the smoke drifting and getting caught in the forced air HVAC systems so prevelant these days. Once the smoke gets drawn into the ductwork, it will quickly get redistributed through the rest of the home.

Concerned about this? Call me - there are some no cost tips and recommendations that can help you minimize this problem.

In the Old Days

Back when I first started helping people with smoke problems, I would see about 10-15% of the equipment, I sold for home smoke removal, being returned. Ouch

I lost money and lots of it!

And believe me, it wasn't fun. This was definitely NOT the best way to run a business.

So, why did I lose money?

Because most of the products I had tried were lousy and didn't make my customers happy. They sounded good on paper, but didn't make the grade in people's homes.

Fortunately, this was NOT the case with the Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 Home Smoke Eater. I haven't had a single return in the past 6 months and on average less than 2% of my customers decide to return the smoke eater.

Look, you can't please everyone all the time - but from a satisfaction standpoint, 98% is damn good.

I was convinced.

So what did I do next?handshake

I Locked down an "Exclusive Distribution Agreement" with the manufacturer:

I started selling more of these home smoke eaters per month than all of their other distributors did combined all year long.

As a result of my success, the manufacturer Dynamic Air Cleaners (also known as Environmental Dynamics Group) was thrilled to have me take over the marketing for their CT500 home smoke eater.

My biggest challenge so far has been having Dynamic keep up with the demand and keeping these machines in stock.

Does it work?

Of course it does. Let's take a look at what happens to a filter in the CT500 in a smoker's home.


When you change your filter, you'll also notice that the filter is a little bit sticky or tacky. This is from the tar and nicotine that the CT500 smoke filter is pulling out of the air. Instead of that tar sticking to your walls and furniture discoloring everything, let our home smoke eater take the punishment.

Watch our Home Smoke Eater in Action!

Click the screen below to watch the video.


Want more proof it works?

Ok, let's see what my customers think?

Here are just three of many emails we've received from happy customers. (Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your results may vary)

On Nov 15, 2008, at 6:55 PM, Kevin Monaghan wrote:


I received the CT-500 yesterday and put it in the cigar
room. I ran it for a couple hours and noticed a difference
in the room right away. The stale odors that were down
there were gone. I had a cigar today and the CT-500 along
with my exhaust fan are doing a great job.

Kevin Monaghan

Interested? Check out Prices Here.

"Dear Dan, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Dynamic. I am impressed with your quick responses to all my email & questions, wonderful customer service in every way.

Thanks for the clean air in my smoking room, I would recommend your product to anyone. Happy Holidays. I will continue to order my filters when I need them from you.


Donna Voytek"

Interested? Check out Prices Here.


I'm Karen from Kansas City. My husband is retired and smokes both a pipe and the NASTIEST cigars on the planet several times a day.

I have had circulation problems including two heart stents. I don't want to breathe his smoke, the cigars make me nauseous and I truly detest the smell that permeates our home.

He has a den where he smokes, watches TV and reads so I bought a Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 and installed it directly outside his den door. The results were instant and truly dynamic. There is no more smoke smell in our house including his den and I know I'm breathing smoke-free air."

Click for more customer feedback and proof it works...

order now

Or Call Toll Free 1-888-472-8736

Is it Perfect?

No. I'd be lying to you if I told you it was perfect. No smoke eater works instantly and 100%.

Here's another harsh reality for you.

As long as someone is smoking in your home and putting NEW pollutants into the air, there will always be some exposure and some amount smoke in the air. However, I can guarantee that this CT500 Home Smoke Eater will give you a dramatic improvement in the air quality in your home.

If you need perfection, it's simple. Don't smoke in the house.

However, if you want to get rid of much of the smoke quickly and quietly, the CT500 Home Smoke Eater is the best I've personally seen and tried. My customers seem to like the results too.

Interested? Check out Prices Here.

Here's another harsh reality for you:

Because nothing cheap actually works well removing smoke, I'm stuck offering you a machine that costs nearly $1,000 bucks. Why? Because the CT500 home smoke eater is the only machineI have found at any price that really makes a significant impact and is usable in a home. (Most are WAY too loud, difficult and costly to maintain)

Trust me, I'd much rather sell something for $300 - $500. But if I did, I'd be selling you false hope. Not a solution.

Please don't waste $300 - $700 on equipment that won't do the job.

You need something that actually performs and is quiet enough to sit next to. And because I have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, I can only stay in business by offering a home smoke eater that performs exceptionally well in every way imaginable.

That being said, here are the...

Reasons YOU are going to LOVE this machine:

  • Capable of capturing smoke AND odors.
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Attractive design.
  • Filters last 1-3 months each depending on your smoke levels.
  • $20 or less per month in filter costs depending on smoke levels.
  • That's just $0.66 cents a day or less for clean air. (You are probably spending $3 to $10 a day on cigarettes or cigars.)
  • Performance you can trust
  • Provides more healthy and cleaner air
  • Minimized family fights and tension in the home.

What's not to love?


So how much does it cost?

Prices for the Dynamic CT500 Home Smoke Eater start at $997 with Free Delivery and four filters. Check out our prices and product options HERE. Keep in mind, when you invest in clean air for your home or small office, you get a product that actually works and is backed by my Insane 100% Money Back 90 day guarantee. Nobody else backs their smoke removal systems like I do. So...

Interested? Check out Smoke Eater Prices Here.

What do I do next?

Give this product a try in the real world. You'll never know just how well it works until you give it a shot in your own home.

I have taken all the guesswork out of the process for you. I've done the research. I've done the testing. I've talked to dozens of manufacturers. I've compared the costs, features and results.

Please don't try to figure out for yourself which of the hundreds of air purifiers on the market will get the job done. Take my word for it and get the CT500 Home Smoke Eater.

Try one out today...

Just $997 with 4 filters or $1,097 with 13 filters

(Includes Free shipping in the continental USA)


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Or Order by Phone - Toll Free: 1-888-472-8736

Not sure yet? Check out our Prices and Product Options Here.

DanCan you trust me?

Look, some companies hide behind their websites and make it difficult to get in touch with them. Often, they won't even list the name of the owner.

I'm putting myself out there completely and making myself available to you.

  • There I am in the picture to the right.
  • Watch me in my videos
  • My office address is at the bottom of every page.
  • My email address is there too. office
  • My toll free number at the top and bottom of each page.
  • We answer our phones. (9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Mon-Fri EST)
  • We return calls quickly if we are already on the phone with other customers. (We're very busy, so that might happen.)
  • Here's a picture of our office building.
    (As seen on Google Maps - Street view.)

I'm available to you and will stand behind these recommendations 100%.


Here's my suggestion:

Go ahead and give the CT500 a try in your home. Use it for a few days, a week, a month or up to 3 full months. Try it out, test it, let it run and show you what it's capable of.

If you don't like the results, simply call us and send the Home Smoke Eater back and I'll refund ALL your money. No hassles or hard feelings!

Just check out my guarantee below.

Nobody else has this strong of a satisfaction guarantee on an air purifier. Most companies charge restocking fees, charge for dirty filters, shipping both ways, etc.

In some cases it might cost you $100 to $200 to return something that didn't even work.

Read the return policy if you decide to buy from someone else. It's all in the fine print.

Here's MY "best in the industry" guarantee:


Dan"If you are not absolutely thrilled with your new home smoke eater, I'll take it back and refund 100% of your money. Absolutely NO Hassle, No Restocking fee and no charge for used or dirty filters.

You'll be able to see how great it works within 1-2 days. But I'm going to give you a full 90 Days to check things out and make sure you are completely satisfied with the performance.

With a full 90 days, you'll be able to see how easy it is to maintain and make sure you are comfortable with how often you will need to change the filters based on your specific smoking levels.

If you are serious about smoke removal, you owe it to yourself and your family to give this CT500 Home Smoke Eater a try. If you don't like the results for ANY REASON, you get your money back. Period.

I can't get any more fair than that.

After eight years of selling this particular Home Smoke Eater, I'm willing to bet my bank account on this machine by backing it for a full 90 days. This guarantee would be really stupid and suicide for my business if the CT500 actually didn't work as promised and lots of customers returned these machines.

So, let me take all the risk.

I personally guarantee it will get the job done for you."

Dan Buglio

The Internet's #1 Smoke Removal Guy

PS: Please keep the original box until you are convinced of it's performance.

Who else tells you to do this? Most would hope you throw away the box so it's too much of a hassle to return their lousy product. Not me. It's simple. If it doesn't perform, I don't deserve to keep your money.

Greatly reduce the Amount of Smoke and Odors!
Minimize the family Fights!

Get Yours Today!

Just $997 with 4 filters or $1,097 with 13 filters

(Includes Free shipping in the continental USA)

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Order by Phone - Toll Free: 1-888-472-8736


Thanks for checking out our CT500 Home Smoke Eater.

Still unsure?

Please let me know how I can help you. Unusual situation? Give a call.

Thank you in advance for your trust and your business.

Talk to you soon,


Dan Buglio
The Internet's #1 Smoke Removal Guy
275 East Street Road, Suite #5
Feasterville, PA 19053

Toll Free: 1-888-472-8736

PS: If you're still not sure, don't forget to get our Buyer's Guide which includes a shopping comparison checklist. This will make sure you ask the right questions as you evaluate your other options for a home smoke eater. Get it here.

PPS: Don't buy anything from the TV or your local department store. Seriously, you'll be wasting your money.

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